The Difference And Connection Between Glass And Plastic Clothing Model Props

- Aug 01, 2018 -

In a word, fiberglass is fiberglass plus epoxy.


Plastic is a polymer resin, are able to achieve light quality and strength of the material.


Usually said fiberglass is the glass fiber epoxy board, is woven glass cloth and then coated with epoxy resin, the final epoxy resin after hardening of a lightweight material, often used for shipbuilding, because can make complex streamline.


The main ingredient of plastic is synthetic resin, resin this term is originally secreted by animal and plant lipids and named, such as Rosin, Shellac, resin is currently referred to as yet mixed with a variety of additives polymer. The resin accounts for about 40%-100% of the total plastic weight. The basic properties of plastics are mainly determined by the nature of resins, but additives also play an important role.


Some plastics are basically composed of synthetic resin, do not contain or contain additives, such as plexiglass, polystyrene and so on. The so-called plastic, in fact, it is a kind of synthetic resin, shape and natural resin in the pine fat similar, but because of the chemical strength to synthesize, and is called plastic. It has no glass fiber, relying on its own high molecular weight to provide intermolecular tension, tensile strength as well as glass fiber reinforced plastic.

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