How To Install And Maintain Clothing Model Props?

- Aug 01, 2018 -

1. How to install costume model props?

    Install model base: Screw the model support into the chassis, make sure to tighten the screws (the model will not tilt).

    Installation of the lower body: put the foot with the buttocks on the ground, the model's waist against their bodies, and then take the model of the other foot alignment junction twist to coincide, finally the model of the lower body mounted on the base. 


Install the upper body: the upper body to the lower body, twist to match, and then install two arms.


    2. How to dress model costumes?

    Wear pants: If the model's two feet fork open a larger distance, you should first take apart one of the feet, two feet into the trousers, and then put the feet installed; If the model's two feet are not very small, do not have to take apart the feet directly put on trousers.

    To dress: First Take apart a model's hand, the other hand does not need to be removed (note: The finger is open, you must remove the palm, to avoid fingers broken), and then put the sleeve into the hands of the model did not open, then open the model hand into another sleeve, and finally put the arm into the model.


Buckle the button and zip it up, then put the clothes back together.


    3. How to maintain clothing model props?

    Pay attention to the use of caution, especially to be careful not to collide model junction.

    When placing models in shopping malls, try to put them on the edge.

Models should not be placed in direct sunlight, often exposed to the surface of paint easily discoloration.

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