- Sep 08, 2018 -

CHIC SHOW  from  Sep.27-Sep.29,2018



As the largest and most influential fashion show in Asia, CHIC (Fashion Trade Show) has an exhibition area of 100,000 square meters, more than 125,000 trade visitors and 20 countries and regions , More than 1,000 brands of these brilliant figures.

CHIC (Fashion Trade Show)  is always a function of a set of trade negotiations, channel development, resource integration, international cooperation, market inspection, fashion editing, cross-border cooperation, Anchoring capital and other integrated quality integrated resource platforms; 25 years, CHIC Fashion Trade Show has been based on changes in the industry and the market continues to innovate and grow with the clothing brand in China, is the Chinese clothing brand recognized by the industry and the facilitator of Market development and witness.

The clothing industry of China today and consumption of a long, fast, variable, more emphasizes the role of the platform indispensable to the development of the company. More and more individual brand companies, manufacturing companies, apparel-related industries and terminal channels to participate in the CHIC fashion show, and each has revenue. CHIC (Fashion Trade Show)  is also a new form of extension of the exhibition features, a comprehensive upgrade service system, to enhance the value of the exhibition platform.


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