Costume Props Model In The Window Display Method Of Common

- Aug 01, 2018 -

Costume props model in the window of the display of common methods:

Single clothing props model display Placement method: a single clothing props model display has a sharp contrast, in the display, to be different from the surrounding props, so as to achieve a prominent center of the target.

231 Group Legal: This is to say in the window must put two to three clothing props model, this is because put a show too monotonous, put too much that is redundant.

Group combination (more than three costume prop model combinations): a combination of a number of costume props models, because now in the design concept of a lot of people focus on the minimalist style, so the market is not too common clothing props model group, for this combination is suitable for personalized display and family-style theme display.

High and low scattered law: this is said in the standing of the costume props models and have a sitting dress prop model to each other, so the display way, can let the clothing prop model in the window space design appeared in the rank, but without losing beauty. Before and after the scattered method: in the costume props models before and after the display, show more layered sense, different levels also give people different visual impact, so in the layout of the product of the primary and secondary relationship also significantly more easily.

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