Costume Design Of Model Props

- Aug 01, 2018 -

Model props clothing design, clothing cutting various models, clothing shelves, window models show model 15000 square meters, professional, Shenzhen, over the years, the production of more than 300 employees factory space for the past, it is production and sales. With considerable size and model of the manufacturer and experience of strength, company, excellent production technology and experienced professional experience in all the more advanced production lines, strict management and production machinery industry good production process control the production of polyurethane and durable glass fiber plastic material, quality first, as props, Model props for domestic suppliers 1, the previous model is just a group of sales team, if you are using our imported garments in the brand and clothing brand, so that the highest quality of Hen peak excellent service and low price, product quality, based on domestic, on the support of a large number of clothing brands, technology outstanding props deduction won,

has been with Audifin, Miyabinishi underwear, international brands, seven wolves menswear, fashionable fashion, fashionable 3, King Boron, Beautiful World, Fangmanning, European slave Clothing, international brand Many other African Carolina and Saint Louis. Many experience clothing brand custom models, model props to designate my professional Chinese business model manufacturer, years of accumulated design, Insight tradition, complete code number, whole body brand number has standard size, durability, model mapping sample can provide a reference.

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