Birthday Party For Staff In Our Company

- Sep 01, 2018 -

                                      Collective Dinner for Birthday Party 

  On Aug.31,2018,  Company asked all of staffs to atend a Collective Dinner for Bithday Party.

  Now, questions ,   who was the birthday yesterday?

  Let's show you the pictures as below:


Big boss is singing Birthday songs together with them


Big surprise! It's RMB  Birthday Cake

   Now, everyone knew who was the birthday that day!

   This is the activity planning of our Company in everymonth.  The administrative department will count up the staff  who is the birthday on that month. then they  will prepare the  party for them on the end day of the Month. 


good food


we are having dinner together


     It is really a good activity  as to all staff in the company.

     Thank you, Taizhou Efeel International CO,.,ltd  

      and Thank you Taizhou Eko Plastic CO.,ltd

     Thank you  Big Boss!

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News Reporter: Yan Yan

Date:   Sep.01,2018





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