Plastic female Mannequin full body chrome silver

Material:PP Hight: 177Cm Brand: EFEEL or EKO or OEM. Color: Chrome silver,also customized The Female Mannequins designed & developed by our firm meets the specific desires, needs, and requirements of our esteemed patrons. These extraordinary products with premier properties are fabricated using prominent materials and advanced machines, technologies, and tools. We always ensure to deliver premier quality and flawless consignments to our highly respected customers. Our products meet the universal benchmarks and specifications of our highly valued customers.

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镀银 31款站姿模特图集

Above pictures,  are the part of chrome silver postures,  we still have 26 postures , you can see the skin white postures  for your reference.  

 Our attractive mannequin range is designed to accommodate the new trends and fashion and thereby provide perfect look to the clothes on display. 

 We believe in establishing long lasting relationship with our clients and seek to maintain high quality standards in the World.

We offer everything from male and female headless mannequins, to monkhead (egghead) mannequins with no features, to realistic mannequins sculpted and painted to look like real people. We also carry adjustable mannequins, in sizes ranging from toddler to adult female and male mannequins.

 And for the tailors and dressmakers among you, we also offer dressmaker forms and full-body tailor forms.


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