Half Mannequin with Head

Half Mannequin with Head

We supply Skin Female Mannequin with good quality and reasonable price,it is the best for vividly displaying various stylish clothes.

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Product Details

1.Specification of the half mannequin with head

1). 1pc/carton

2). Rectangular tempered glass base:430*300*8mm

3). Head could be changed


2.Package of the half mannequin with head

Inner packing: Bubble film and craft paper wrap over each limb and torso. After that we will put the 1.5cm thickness foam on each side of the carton. Outer packing: Strong corrugated carton (7 layers).

3.Features of the half mannequin with head

1) Window display mannequin

2) Different sizes and colors are available

3) Creadible quality

4) Delivery in time

5) Package: Using paper and bubble wrap over each limb and torso, outside is heavy grade cardboard carton and 1PC per carton!


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