Window show V

- Jan 14, 2019 -

  •           The basic method of window design

       There are many ways to display the window, but in addition to the sense of "art", what is more important is how to catch the eyes of consumers in a short period of time, so that they have a further desire to buy. A successful window display has an immediate effect on improving store sales.

9.4.1  The basic flow of window design

The process of display should be based on the content conditions and the size of the store and the types of goods, but the basic principles will not change too much.

1) Visual design

Regardless of the situation, you must first decide on the theme and purpose of the presentation, and then consider the characteristics of the target customer.In the plan, must revolve the commodity attribute and the image characteristic carries on, requests the prominent characteristic explicitly.The final visual plan must determine the overall style of presentation and the appropriate approach.

2) Comprehensive planning

After the overall image theme concept and related design elements are determined, the problems in the implementation shall be discussed, including:

Decide to display the goods, and according to its color material size price design style and clothing accessories to determine props accessories, such as mannequin display scene tone, structure mannequin display props;

Analyze the conditions and environment of the display, determine the tonal structure of the display scene, pose of the mannequin, etc.

Calculate workload and time, and arrange tasks.

3) Layout and decoration

According to the details of the overall plan and planning, prepare the items and complete the main layout and supporting decoration work.

4) Check the adjustment

After the completion of field work, the effect evaluation and corresponding improvement and adjustment should be carried out.

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