Window Show - Series III

- Dec 11, 2018 -

                                Four basic forms of window display

Season display

In People's Daily life, there is no seasonality when except a few commodities are sold, most commodities have the division of off-season and peak season on sale rule, seasonality has very big restrict action to commodity sale.Many merchants often take the season as the important basis, will formulate the store marketing plan.Therefore, for window dressing and commodity display, seasonality is not only the direct factor for the conception and creativity of window display design, but also an important factor for the success of window display.

Festival on display

Festivals are desirable and enjoyable.Whenever the festival comes, people go on holiday outing shopping shopping, a variety of entertainment activities, presents a auspicious, happy atmosphere.Holiday display should be an important part of window display.Using the theme of the festival to launch a festive display, not only can enhance the festive atmosphere, but also comply with and meet people's wishes in the festival shopping.Window display is often played down the direct sales of goods is propaganda, mask to naked business purposes, with rich culture as the leading factor, to person's perceptual, intellectual and types as well as the aesthetic, promote a new concept, new way of life, often in the form using the plot of the dramatic scene and display effect, to create the window image and artistic conception.

A close-up on display

The purpose of close-up is to vividly depict the characteristic fragments of things, so that the audience can get a deep impression of evil.Close-up display of commodities is to focus on and highlight a certain nature and characteristics of commodities, display small commodities or a certain selling point of commodities, so that customers can easily understand, in order to achieve good publicity purposes.

Special display

Thematic display is to focus the attention of the audience on a certain commodity or a certain theme of display, through a variety of interrelated display of goods as a whole, so as to show the theme of display in detail and profoundly.The advantage of thematic display lies in that it can link all kinds of different commodities through a specific theme. A single product can not only independently explain a problem, but also be connected with other products, so as to become a coherent and logical whole and give customers a complete and comprehensive visual induction.

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