Window Show - Series - II

- Dec 08, 2018 -

      Window display gives consumers an intuitive feeling

    Say clothes shop, a man's first impression of the window model is dressed up, dress up the stand or fall of a shop window also indirectly highlights the store clothing grade and administrative levels feeling of the brand, to maximize attract customers into the store shopping, the most important thing is to cater to the clothing sales season, is the most popular and the trend of the latest fashion show, at the very least, make consumers can clearly see the.

Window Show is a window through which information is transmitted

The window is the face of the shop.People with a smiling face to meet people, often give strangers with a good first impression, gradually achieve the purpose of mutual understanding.The same is true of stores. An attractive window can attract and please customers and ultimately achieve the purpose of sales.

Don't look down on the window, although the area of the window is only a small part of in store, but it can be through the professional skill, using the commodity characteristics, color planning, props, lighting, even simple text, create a theme image, not only can expand sales, even can expand brand awareness and lead the fashion trend.

The window shows the style and class of the shop

Most people see an outdoor decoration elegant and luxurious shop, will feel that the goods sold inside also must be high-grade quality;And those who decorate flatly or antiquated storefront, think the goods that its sell also is inferior certainly, did not guarantee.Those too luxurious and simple adornment collocation is not harmonious decorate, itself is to refuse consumption to think barrier.

Shop window, it is the main business of the store goods, skillfully used scenery props, background picture decoration as a foil, with appropriate lighting color and text description, is a comprehensive advertising art form of commodity introduction and commodity publicity.

Before entering a store, consumers should browse the shop window intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, a good shop window decoration can not only introduce commodities and promote sales, but also become an art masterpiece that attracts passersby in front of the store.

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