Window Show - Series I

- Dec 06, 2018 -

                               Window Display -  series I

     Window show is a reflection of brand temperament. As a top brand window, in addition to rich fashion elements, sometimes it reflects the development of The Times, sometimes it is full of cultural flavor, and sometimes it is extremely materialized.In fact, they are all part of the blood of fashion, so that people passing by these Windows, in a glance at the red quietly stop...In the beautiful age that neon light lamp twinkles, window show is resemble a miniature of vogue.


Window, is the beautiful way of the street.Of window inside, it is international big shop sign sometimes extremely costly, it is the exquisite scene of small home jasper sometimes;Sometimes is the bold bloom of rough feelings, sometimes is the brilliant memory of innocent childhood...

Attract people to stop and look.Windows are an important part of what draws people into your store.If there were 10,000 people passing by every day.So, a strong attractive window display, than you send ten thousand advertising leaflets.

Customers stare at an item for about 7 seconds and decide whether they want to buy it or not.Window dressing is designed to take advantage of these seven seconds.

The origin of window design is very long time.In 1900, Europe began to develop commerce and the department store industry. Window design emerged as a way of selling goods and sales technology.After the 1990s, concept stores of brand flagship stores in Europe, America and other countries began to appear and become popular. People began to use shop Windows to create shop atmosphere and guide consumers.

Shop window is the wind vane, use lamplight colour visual effect collocation to wait, on the foundation that understands brand culture adequately, can create the decorate subject that lets a person infinite daydream, the beauty that lets commodity is reflected in the space inside a few square metre, make pedestrian linger before shop window do not want to return, attract them to enter a shop.In some cities, WINDOW SHOPPING has even become a way of life.In London, for example, people pay special attention to window display and expect to see amazing display ways.


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