window show IV

- Dec 20, 2018 -

Basic principles of window design

The shop window is an organic part of the store, not an isolated one.Think about the window design in the whole store before you conceive it.In addition, the object of view in the window is the customer, and every detail in the window must be designed from the perspective of the customer.

The design of showcase has the following principle, can consider adequately in the design process.


9.3.1 consider the walking sight of customers

Although the Windows are still, the customers are walking and moving.Therefore, the design of the window should not only consider the static viewing Angle and optimal line of sight height of customers, but also consider the visual effect of the window from far to near, as well as the effect of "moving to the scene" before passing through the window.In order to allow customers to see the effect of the window in the farthest place, the creativity of the window should be different.Above all, the theme wants concise, increase the lamplight brightness in window appropriately even in the evening.In addition, customers usually walk on the right side of the street. Therefore, in the design, not only should the display effect of customers standing in front of the window be taken into account, but also the effect of customers looking sideways through the window be taken into account.

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9.3.2 the shop window and shop are integrated

Window display is a part of the store, and the layout should be consistent with the overall display style of the store to form a whole.Some display division in the display window, often ignore the shop display style.We often see such a scene: the window design is very simple, but the shop is very complicated, the window style is very classical, the shop display style is very modern.

Therefore, we should consider the effect inside and outside the shop when designing the window.Transparent window not only to consider and the style of the whole store coordination, but also to consider and window close to the color of several groups of shelves coordination.

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9.3.3 echo with the marketing activities in the store

Window, on the other hand, is like a TV show preview, which informs customers of the business trends of the store and conveys the sales information of the store.Therefore, the information conveyed by the window should correspond to the actual sales activities in the shop.For example, in the window is the theme of "new models listed", the display theme in the store should also be based on new models, and reserve the corresponding number of new models to meet the sales demand.

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9.3.4 concise and distinct theme and outstanding style

Not only to put the window in the shop to consider, but also to enlarge the window to the whole street to consider.In the whole street, your window may only take up a small segment, like a film segment, fleeting.The footstep of the pedestrian on the street is hurried, in a fashionable street, the client stops in your window namely very short period of time.Therefore, the theme of the window must be bright, not the whole content to show, that content to show.Tell the customer what you want to say in the simplest possible way.

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