The occupational taboo of the model

- Jun 04, 2018 -

Don't be a model without professional training A person who has a good condition is also required to undergo a professional model training, there is no perfect professional skills and comprehensive professional quality how to show the runway perfectly. This will take a lot of time, and more hard training can reach the professional!

So choosing an authoritative model training institution as a career starter is essential.

Don't be a model if you're tired. It's not just a beautiful look. Must have a good quality, do not like the beautiful born jiao! An ad to the assistant, up to the director. All work to get the job done and not give in to models.

Not because the model is tired to rest and stop working at will, sometimes the work is very tired.

Don't be a model without sticking to your mind. This world of reality, sweeping is impossible. The model mentality is oneself down-to-earth to grow the experience! Get the ability of a model! So that when the opportunity to a very good grasp! When does the opportunity come? You don't know, I don't know! But once you give up, the previous effort is wasted. Also a waste of precious youth!

Generally a model to achieve success, must undergo more than one year of training to be able to have a certain quality.

Don't be a model without the habit of punctuality. This is the basic requirements of this industry, and then the big stars are not allowed to be scolded! The front does not say you, behind will also say yours.

Besides, it's a small model!

You don't want to be a model when you think you're going to get famous. Every company wants to make money on a model, but this is just an ideal! This also depends on the degree of market acceptance, model-like appearance and other factors! It's impossible to guarantee that you can be famous and how many ads you receive.

Because the company, must be responsible for what they say!

Do not listen to the manager's arrangements and command do not model The purpose of the Special Manager's work is to make money, managers are proportional to the Commission as the company's development and survival funds. Sometimes the manager will quote the price for the extent of the development of the model according to the actual situation of the business. Therefore, not every project has a huge return, but when you can get experience and increase the popularity of the activities, perhaps the model will receive a corresponding end of the pay. For example, the television media program participation, may only reimburse the fare. But the development of the model is more or less helpful.

(not a normal person standing in front of the TV station can get job)

Don't be a model without confidence Models are meant to show their strengths! You have no confidence in yourself, how can you persuade customers to ask you to shoot ads? There must be a bikini in any beauty contest. If there is a psychological problem with a bikini shot.

How to be a comprehensive model?

You want to make a lot of money, don't be a model. Model fame must undergo a difficult foundation process, and none of the models can become famous overnight. Before they become famous, they must constantly accept jobs that are relatively inexpensive and not in line with anecdotal revenue.

But without these cheap work experience, it is impossible to lay a good foundation.

Finally, deal with the emotions of the family, then model. Because the models have to run around a lot, boyfriends or family members may not understand and object to your modeling career, so please coordinate with them and then model!

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