The basic requirements of the model

- Jun 04, 2018 -

Other requirements International fashion models participate in the performance of the uniform height is 1.78m (Italy sometimes requires 1.8m), if not the number of scheduled performance, in height can be up and down floating 2~3cm.

So the girls between the height and the 1.75~1.80m are within the standard.

Measurements size Measurements size refers to the bust, waist circumference, hip circumference. The ideal size is bust 90cm, waist circumference 60cm, hip circumference 90cm, but even in Europe, not all can achieve this standard.

According to Chinese characteristics, the standard of measurements size is usually bust 84cm, waist circumference 61cm, hip circumference 90cm, some models are fatter, but hip circumference does not exceed standard 2cm also can recruit.

Looks Fashion models of the appearance of the standard is not simple to see beautiful not beautiful, mainly to see whether there is a sense of three-dimensional or have no personality characteristics. When choosing a model, an expert is not simply looking at the appearance, but also pondering the effect of the makeup, while observing its personality according to the characteristics of the behavior and appearance to be able to perform the model work.

There are more opportunities for girls with advantages in Chinese appearance.

Model proportions There are two proportions: the first is the proportion of the head to the whole body. The normal ratio of the body to the head is the head is one-eighth of the body, the proportion of the model should be the head than the normal proportion of a little bit better. More than One-eighth will balance other conditions. The second one is the ratio of upper body to lower body length. The upper and lower boundaries are bounded by the sacrum, from the head to the sacrum, and from the sacrum to the soles of the feet. According to the characteristics of Chinese, upper and lower body length equal to admission. Lower body longer than upper body is good, leg longer condition is better. There is also a second method of measurement. Upper body from the point of the large vertebral point to the hip line, the waist from the hip line to the ankle bone, this measure of clothing designers are more favorable, can directly think of the number of clothing, but it is difficult to make other customers from the size of the figure to imagine the condition.

Therefore, both methods are required, but only in proportion to the name of the difference.

Leg type Standard Leg type is very important for fashion models, and there are people who are often unsuccessful in the interview because of bad legs. Model of the legs should be uniform thickness, midline straight, the calf rich in strength.

Thigh is too thick, calf belly is bigger, or the leg midline outer arc, inner arc is not ideal.

Face Standard Model face with oval, goose-egg-shaped face, rectangular style of the best.

Other face shapes should be selected according to other conditions and made up for make-up and hairstyle.

Skin Standard The roughness and delicacy of the model's skin and color are directly related to the chance of use. The skin is good, the chance will be more, the adaptation scope is bigger. Acne or rough skin that affects beauty can affect opportunities. Even those with better skin should pay special attention to protection.

Because the model professional makeup more, life is irregular, to maintain the beauty of the skin, special attention should be paid to the control of tobacco, alcohol, sugar and stimulating food intake.

Hand type Standard Using hand to do jewelry, computer and other advertising is also more common. Hand-type requirements are slender, slender fingers, joint can not be thick, nail pruning fine, delicate and flexible skin.

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