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- Jun 04, 2018 -

T model. Catwalk models are also known as professional fashion models. In all types of models, T-Taiwan model for the physical conditions of the most stringent requirements, because the model is assigned to the garment spirit of the activity hanger, in order to achieve the most ideal clothing design wear effect, the world's designers are basically the standard size of the production of samples. In this way, the model's height, measurements ratio should have a relatively uniform standard.

Career catwalk models generally have to meet this standard.

Female: Below 25 years old, Height: 1.70~1.80 rice

Male: Below 28 years old, height: 1.80~1.90 m

Requirements: Body symmetry, the overall sense of good, image temperament good.

Therefore, in order to become a good Model T, in addition to their own height and other conditions must meet the requirements, but also must undergo a rigorous long-term training, including body shape, shape, posture, walking posture, standing posture, runway, legs, facial type and other training.

Plane model. Also known as Madou, a regular appearance in the magazine's cover, newspaper color pages, merchandise posters, product catalogs, calendars, indoor and outdoor light box models. The success of the graphic advertising works often makes the audience memorable, to achieve the purpose of publicity.

Graphic advertising works with photographers, makeup artists and backstage production is closely related.

TV model. A TV model is a combination of graphic models and actor models including network models.

Television models require a good typhoon, superb acting and temperament charm.

Network models. In addition to photographers, wearing or wearing products of the network model of the industry is also beginning to surface, the network model is the graphic model of the industry and internet shopping in the new field of integration, resulting in a new noun "Madou", that is, the model of English "model" homophonic, A good Madou often allows one or more products to be sold, some professional madou an hour on thousands of yuan income. Graphic models including online models and magazine models, and so on, are not dynamic models.

Modern also has fingerprint, the foot mold and so on.

Business model.

Business mainly to discuss business models, can be used to do product display models, but many unscrupulous institutions, will use to recruit business models, so that some models to accompany customers to eat, with customers drinking and other unspoken rules, business model is an inglorious name.

Media models.

is the current domestic emerging model industry, diversified multi-channel development applications.

Children models.

It refers to the model of children under 12 years of age.

Body Models

Refers to the fingerprint, the foot mold, the leg mold and so on.

Dummy model.

Refers to the window, booth to show the model of clothing.

Big size model. In Europe and the United States, the general wear 2 yards ~4 code of clothing, very thin even have to wear 0 yards, wearing more than 8 yards is a big code model. Large size model is usually the size of 8 yards (2 yards equivalent to small, 8 yards equivalent to large code), general 8th, even if we have the L number, so wear more than the size of the number 8th clothing is a big code model. However, from 8th to 12th is the normal show on the regular use of large models.

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