Introduction to the model's ritual model

- Jun 04, 2018 -

There are etiquette schools in the community, vocational high school also has etiquette classes. These students have a more in-depth study of etiquette knowledge in various countries, customs and social establishments, but the work of etiquette models is far from the same. Etiquette models are used for opening the Ribbon, competition awards, large-scale conference reception, distribution company profile, major events welcome, etc. Etiquette model is the invitation unit "face", its task is to use their own well-trained image and polite and thoughtful behavior for the invitation unit to establish a good corporate image, play to strengthen the scene, foil the effect of the atmosphere. The choice of etiquette model is good appearance, slim, height between 1.70~1.75m. In addition, the model has two local parts need to be selected in the interview: First, the neck, the requirements of smooth, delicate, plump, beautiful lines, mainly for the film necklace. The second is the foot, the request foot type good, the skin is good, the fingernail is sound, does not have the blue veins to expose, mainly uses in the Sandals slippers, the fitness equipment and so on advertisement photography. It is not easy to choose a comprehensive model, but for a fashion model, the top three is the most important standard that can be accepted. The latter several criteria may select the local outstanding person to serve. In short, the model is the founder of Beauty and Disseminator of its most practical standards only one: to be competent product advertising image needs.

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