How should mannequins be displayed?

- Nov 14, 2018 -

How should mannequins be displayed? -1



  What do you do with the mannequins in your shop?Do you think a mannequin only needs to wear the clothes of the shop?Do you think a mannequin just has to stand there?If so, then I can only say that you have not really understand the mannequins role?

I. purpose of using mannequins.


   If the whole store is a book, the shop window is the cover of the book, then the mannequin display is the cover of the pattern.The main and most important purpose of using mannequins in the store is to realize relevant display.

We can use mannequins to put on multiple pieces of clothing to show various accessories, and it is a three-dimensional display with proportion, which can bring more intuitive visual feelings to customers, just like taking photos of mannequins and then printing them out.

Because customers can see how the various products are used together from the models, instead of displaying the single products on the front/side, so as to arouse the customers' desire to buy the products off the cuff. It is easy for customers to have a sense of substitution and imagine themselves as the models, and how the products feel when they wear them.

So consumers are thinking about buying several items at once, as usual, just a jacket or pants.


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