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EFEEL INTERNATIONAL (EFEEL) has a long history of leading the field in mannequin related solutions, we have united our broad range under the EKO and EFEEL brand name. We are proud to offer some of the best PP mannequin models in China. We provide the whole process- from the initial design phase to the production of the end -product, which means you don't have to rely on a middle man. 

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Efeelco mannequins are produced in PP plastic which is FOOD GRADE material,Because we care about the enviroment.We produce a wide range of mannequins, suitable for any display. Every model reflects our passion for display and our close attention to detail. Our policy is ,and has always been ,to produce excellent mannequins using top quality materials ot guarantee durability. Our mannequins come with assemble instructions,which are both easy-to-understand and use.



To ensure that we have the capacity for large scale production,while at the same time maintaining a custom-made service for special projects, we distribute our products on a variety of platforms.We are well funded and willing to invest in the needs of your compay,to meet your capacity demands.

 We are artisan producers,and we support our customers through the whole process,from mannequin selection to after-sale support.we are here whenever you're ready!

Our skillful workers are ready to generate high quantities of products,with attention to detail.

Products detail:

Items:  female mannequin

            male mannequin

            teeanger mannequin

            kids mannequin/ child mannequin

            full body mannequin with head

            full body mannequin without head

            Torso mannequin

color:   skin tone  mannequin

            skin white mannequin

            glossy white/black mannequin

            matte white/black mannequin

            chrome gold or silver mannequin

            blue or pink mannequin

            and Customized

style:   standing mannequin/dress display stand

            sitting/seated female mannequin

            running mannequin

            movable mannequin

Mannequin parts: Foot mannequin/mannequin feet

                             Wig mannequin

                             Manikin hand

                             Mannequin face

                             Mannequin feet

                             Hat manneqiuin

                             Mannequin head

                             Mannequin bust

Bespoke custom service/Customization

We provide the perfect mannequin or design for your brand.we have a multi-talented design team to quickly and exactly generate or replicate your model from measurements-to materials- to finishes.

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